Thursday, January 9, 2014


           Nothing but seven hours left until I travel to Florence for a whole semester! on top of everything is my 21st birthday. Happy Birthday To Me!  I'm going to spend half of my birthday on an airplane. To be quiet honest, I'm not sure how to feel right now, ever since I started packing yesterday I've been feeling very anxious. I'm worried about so many things that I really shouldn't be yet. I'm worried about packing and over packing, baggage limit. I usually tend to over pack, well most of the time, so this really has been a very frustrating thing for me. I am also worried about the issue of money over there. So far all I've heard from people is how expensive things are in Italy, that's something that's been adding on to the anxiety. Also, I guess just the thought of being away from my friends and family. I don't want to set myself up but I don't know what I'm going to do without my friends and family. I guess being away at Purchase wasn't all that bad because I got to go home whenever I wanted but this time is going to be so  different. We'll see how things work out for me , now I need to get on that airplane first.


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